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HAKKOTSU Airsoft Thunder B Shock Shell COMPLETE KIT 12PK

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Product Description

HAKKOTSU Airsoft Thunder B Shock Shell COMPLETE KIT 12PK

 This Hakkotsu grenade kit is set to function as a Trip Wire booby trap. A person who walks past and touches the wire connected with the grenade will make the grenade explode. The Victim has no way to escape and no chance to react, thus shocking he/she by the loud noise. This grenade has a very short detonation time. After our testing, this grenade can usually explode in less than a second. Unlike the traditional Thunder B grenade, we have drilled a 2mm hole at the end cap which make the gas comes out faster than usual. This will definitely make the grenade explode fast and instantly. The size of the grenade shell is small. The shell capacity is just 200ml, which makes the grenade explode faster than usual. The color of the shell is Oliver (OD) color, which make it easy to hide in the forest. This time you will find a guide line on the shell. This line is the break point of the shell. User can control the direction where the BB and powder fly by this line. This TB-05 Grenade has double safety pin design. So you don’t need to worry about the grenade explode when setting up the trap. One of the main safety pins is used to activate the hammer. The other smaller safety pin is used to avoid the hammer hitting the striker accidentally. Nevertheless, you still need to teat every TB grenade as if it was loaded, This Thunder shocks grenade comes with special pins and wire. User can play this grenade anywhere and anytime. This new shell and main striker unit are fully compatible with all existing Thunder B grenade in the market. This Airsoftlegion package includes 1x Thunder B Main Core, 12 x Replacement shell, 2 x Safety Pin  1 x Trip Wire, 1 x User Manual. No WARRANTY.

WARNING: This product produces loud noises with the use of pressurized gas. It can cause hearing damage or loss. Product should be used in an outdoor location. Use hearing protection and gloves during use. Not for indoor use. Do not hold once activated or bodily injury may result. Pull Pin and get away. Use may be restricted by local/state governments. Know the laws in your area before using Thunder B. 

Must be 18 years or older to purchase. Please note we currently do not ship outside of the USA At this moment For questions or concerns regarding this contact our customer service at airsoftlegion@hotmail.com or call us 973-573-1263 Note added charges for Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. when apply buyer pays for all shipping cost. SORRY NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS ! Including CANADA and MEXICO. via ASL policy on this product. Product is an Airsoft rifle that can only shoot plastic BBs, It cannot be converted to fire real bullets. Buyer must be aware of local laws. Barrel is marked in blaze orange per federal regulations. Your satisfaction is Important to us, If you have any questions about us or our items please ask and we will get back with you as soon as possible. 

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